Calling out students from Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Institution and other IP schools.

Join us for our Thurs, 3-5pm class that’s specially catered for IP students.

Taught by a current NJC teacher, Mr Lim has a vast experience in the IP JC syllabus.

The focus of the lesson will be

  1. To clarify students’  doubts and strengthen concepts.
  2. To help students understand the concepts and link them up, thus helping students to ‘memorise’ less concepts
  3. To teach students how to apply important concepts
  4. To expose students to different common examination questions
  5. To build confidence in students to excel 

During the lesson, there will be a strong emphasis on using graphic calculators as well. Summary notes will also be provided to aid students’ understanding of topics.

The class size is limited to 5 pax and it’s filling up fast. So, call us now for a trial lesson. We promise you’ll gain so much out of it.

Before you go, check out our Vectors I Summary. Hope this will help you in your revision. 🙂

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