From Students…

Ms Phoebe has helped me in my Math by making concepts easier to understand and apply. Thanks to this, I made a great improvement in my Math, from failing to being the top 3 students in math in my class.


Year 1, Anglo Chinese School(Independent)

My teacher is a very good teacher and her lessons are interesting and fun. She is very patient with me and corrects me when I make mistake. When my exams was nearing, she would spend extra time to coach me. My maths used to be a low B but since she started teaching me, there was a great improvement and I got an A for my PSLE.

Nicole Low

Pri 6, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

This tuition centre is different from the others as the teacher teaches us according to our individual school syllabus and weaknesses. Under the guidance of my tutor, I’ve improved from a B3 in my maths to an A1.

Winnie Lim

Sec 1, Chung Cheng High School(Main)

I like Brain Matter as it has helped me to improve my math from B4 to A2. The teacher is very dedicated and I’ve received the help that I need as the class size is very small.

Elizabeth Ng

Sec 1, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

I like Brain Matter very much. The teacher is very nice and her lessons are very interactive. Under her guidance, I improved from a B3 to an A1 in my math.


Sec 2, Guangyang Sec Sch

My teacher from Brain Matter has helped me improve a lot in both my Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. She is able to explain the concepts clearly and provide examples to strengthen my understanding. The homework given is also personalized according to my area of weakness.


Sec 4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

My teacher is a dedicated and experienced teacher. She never fails to encourage me. I have shown tremendous improvement in my understanding of my maths through her clear illustrations and teaching.

Jophelia Low

Sec 4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

My teacher in Brain Matter is always concerned for my maths and she is very dedicated. She will go through with me the basics that I’m weak at and builds up my confidence in the subject. She constantly encourages me to strive to do better each time.

Nicolette Yue

Sec 4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

From Parents…

Hi Phoebe, I would like to thank you for being such a patience, caring and responsible teacher to Darryl and Bryan. They really enjoyed your Math lessons very much. Your patience, passion and dedication in teaching has helped them improve their Maths tremendously, especially for Darryl from scoring F9 to A2. As for Bryan, you have put in so much of your time and efforts going through revision with him in the last days before his O Levels which I really appreciate very much. Thank you once again and your services will be highly recommended.


Mother of Darryl, Sec 1 Maris Stella High School and Bryan, Sec 4 St Gabriel’s Secondary

I would like to say thank you to Ms Phoebe. With her guidance, Brendan regained his confidence in Math and made a vast improvement in the subject from a failed grade to 88 marks. I also appreciate her prompt feedback on his progress.


Mother of Brendan, Anglo Chinese School(Independent)

Vishwah finds the teacher’s teaching fun and interesting. He finds confidence within himself through the teacher’s encouragement. He is happy the improvement of his PSLE results and wish to continue to be taught by Mr Calvin. I’m happy with the small class size when the tutor has a personal understanding of the student’s character and learning ability.

Mrs Santhi

Mother of Vishwah, Pri 6, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High

We are very pleased with Brain Matter tutors who are dedicated, knowledgeable and committed. The communication between tutors and parents is excellent.


Mother of Regine Wong, Sec 1, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High

I am so pleased that my daughter, Winnie, has improved tremendously to an A1 in her math because of the tuition. We would definitely like to continue the tuition next year. Thank you. I really appreciate the teacher’s effort in helping Winnie improve.


Mother of Winnie Lim, Sec 1, Chung Cheng High School(Main)

The teacher explained the math concepts very simply and clearly. She is always very approachable and patient. I like the communication system when feedback given by teacher at the end of every lesson.

Swee Koon

Mother of Michael Chen, Yr 1, Raffles Institution

My daughter enjoys her lesson in Brain Matter. Her teacher is able to explain mathematics concepts in a way that my daughter understands. I can see the dedication and passion in the teachers in Brain Matter to help their students. Keep it up!


Mother of Elizabeth Ng, Sec 1, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School

I am glad that my daughter has improved in her mathematics. I can see the teacher putting in much time and effort on her. She has done her exams reasonably well considering the level of difficulty. I am thankful for the support that Brain Matter’s teacher has given to my daughter.

Mrs Ganesh

Mother of Manaasa, Sec 2, Raffles’ Girls’ School

I commend the care and support the teacher has given to my daughter in this one year, especially the last leg before her O levels. Her words of encouragement have boosted her morale. What she has done for my daughter is very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend the centre to my friends.


Mother of Mavis Ng, Sec 4, Ang Mo Kio Sec Sch

My daughter has been with Brain Matter since the beginning of this year. She enjoys her Maths lessons as the teacher makes it fun and helps her understand the concepts. The teacher is always a patient, understanding and friendly teacher who has helped her keep up consistent work and attain A1s for her Mathematics subjects this year.

Mrs Siew

Mother of Kimberly, Yr 4, Nanyang Girls’ High

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