About Us

Mission Statement

At Brain Matter, we believe that students are defined by their Purpose and Growth. To achieve this, our teachers are Values-Driven and Professional, building a Positive and Fun culture that inspires Meaningful Learning and Character Excellence.

Individuals can be defined by many expectations but we choose to define and relate to our students by their purpose and their capacity for growth. We recognise that every student who come to us are unique with their different strengths and aspirations. Despite their diverse backgrounds and different starting points in life, we embrace them and believe that all has the potential to become better. We seek to empower our students with life skills such as confidence, critical thinking skills through our lessons. These are essential skills to excel in the uncertain future job landscapes.

Teachers are the pillars in our Family. They are caring educators and moulders of life who are motivated by the right values. Values influence our thoughts and actions which will ultimately inspires our students to be the best versions of themselves. Our teachers are also marked by professionalism. By that we mean that they are the most qualified and experienced for our students. They are specialists in their field of teaching and conduct lessons that are engaging, creative and provoke thinking in their students.  They are committed to ensure the student learns effectively. Teaching is a calling, a duty, and the greatest privilege we have.

We seek to build a positive and fun culture that engages and nurtures our students, promoting meaningful learning and character excellence. Our dream is that Brain Matter can be an oasis for students to seek help and receive encouragement.  We limit our class size to not more than 5 so that our teachers can provide personalized attention to individual students.

We treasure every opportunity at Brain Matter to help our students. We welcome you on this journey and partnership with us.

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