3D Modelling and Creative Writing 2018

For more information about the programmes, call us or visit the links below 👇🏻 3D Modelling ➡ https://goo.gl/forms/lTCn2uhUwrRxKCht2 Nature School➡ https://www.cnle.com.sg/course/nature-school-3-day-childrens-camp-33 Creative Writing➡...

The Colours of Science 2018

  Don’t miss the exciting Colours of Science workshop! Designed for those who will be in Sec 1 and 2 in 2019, this workshop will fascinate their interests in Physics and Chemistry through hands on experiments. Discovering through the beauty of colours, students...

Nature School 2018

This holiday, reward your child with the gift of learning from Mother Nature through a specially curated 3-day Nature-based Camp. The camp is grounded in the pedagogy of Forest School and is jointly curated by Brain Matter and the Centre for Nature Literacy &...

Introduction to Coding

Do you know what it takes to have SMART kids to thrive in a SMART nation? Brain Matter partners Kodecoon to organise a fun-filled Coding Introductory lesson this February! In this lesson, students will explore coding and get hands-on at micro:bit and Scratch software....

How to create a “Cheat Sheet” for Exams?

– By Phoebe Yee, Director of Brain Matter When I was studying mathematics as my Major in NUS, one of my fondest memories of my math exam is the CHEAT SHEET. For most of the math exams in NUS, students are allowed to bring in a piece of A4 paper into the...

Polytechnic Engineering Math Class starting soon!

Struggling with your poly engineering math? Join us for our tutorial classes to supplement your learning in school. In our class, our tutor will revise through KEY CONCEPTS and impart skills to answer APPLICATION QUESTIONS, promising to enhance your learning and...

To celebrate the upcoming CNY, we are offering FREE trial classes(usually priced from $37.50-$80 per class) for some of our classes from 1 Feb to 20 Feb.

Some of the classes that are offered include:

Lower Primary- English, Creative Writing, Math 

Upper Primary- English, Creative Writing, Science

Lower Sec- English, Science

Upper Sec- English, Chinese, Science, Social Studies


For more information of the classes and sign up, visit the link @ https://goo.gl/eRUqyh

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