Does Your Child Score A Bad Grade For  Language Arts This Year? Fret Not!
Sign Up For Our Consultation Programme  To Prepare For 2016!

Language Arts is a subject that is only available in a few secondary schools, and BrainMatter is one of the few educational centres that provide tuition for this subject.

This coming holiday, we are opening up our Language Arts Consultation Programme to help students who need assistance in the subject and prepare them for 2016.

At Brain Matter, we have an experienced English and Literature teacher who can guide and motivate your child to maximize their potential in managing this paper.

The 4 Areas Of Language Arts Where Most Students Need Help In

1) Comprehension:

a) handling basic and inferential questions via contextual clues and writer’s craft
b) identifying genres, topics and issues in passages and exploring how these are introduced
c) explaining literary devices used and their roles
d) introducing and familiarizing with summary writing
e) understanding and evaluating writer’s points of view

2) Composition:

a) free writing and creative writing
b) features of formal and report writing

3) Critical Commentary:

a) literary features and genres
b) written critical commentary writing using PEEL

4) Reading:

a) writing book reviews
b) introducing suitable texts to further strengthen understanding of reading


Consultation Details

In this programme, we will offer consultation to any of the 4 areas that you child need the most assistance in.

Please note that it will be a one-to-one arrangement. Alternatively, if your child has classmates who are interested, they can form a group for the consultation session. As different schools have different Language Arts syllabus, students in the group must strictly be from the same school and in the same level.

Brain Matter Tuition Centre @ Block 120, Bishan Street 12, #01-69, Singapore 570120.

How to apply?

1. Fill up the application form below or call/SMS 9791 1234

2. The tutor will contact you to confirm the sessions

3. Start your consultation


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