What if you can have an ex-JC Math Teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience to coach you for your most challenging H2 math topic so that you can finally score ‘A’ in your final year examination?

Every JC student wants to score ‘A’ in their H2 Math. However, one reason why many students fail to score a distinction in their H2 Math paper is because of their weakness in one or two math topics. It can be Calculus, Complex Numbers, or Statistics. ‘A’ students master all math topics. The rest try to spot topics, and hope the difficult ones won’t cost them marks.  

Why not master all the math topics so you can guarantee an A for your H2 Math Paper?

At BrainMatter, our JC Math tuition classes have helped many students from top JCs improve their grades significantly. This coming September holidays, we are going to open up our H2 Math Intensive Course to help more JC students who are struggling with challenging math topics that cost them the distinction.   h2 math intensive

No, We won’t teach stuff you already know.

Time is limited. Unlike other math class, we are not going through the whole H2 syllabus and topics. Instead, we want you to receive the 2-hour intensive coaching for your weakest math topics only. Only select the math topics you need help with, and attend the class on the specific time slot. Date: 8th September 2014

  • MA1: Inequalities and Graphing Techniques (10am-12pm)
  • MA2: Arithmetic and Geometric Progression (1pm-3pm)
  • MA3: Method of Difference, Mathematical Induction (4pm- 6pm)

Date: 9th September 2014

  • MA4: Recurrence Relation (10am-12pm)
  • MA5: Differentiation Techniques & Application of Differentiation (Including Tangent, Normal, Rate of Change and Maxima/Minima) (1pm-3pm)
  • MA6: Maclaurin’s Series, Small Angle Approximation (4pm- 6pm)

Date: 10th September 2014

  • MA7: Integration Techniques & Application of Integration (Including Area and Volume of Revolution) (10am-12pm)
  • MA8: Differential Equations and Application of Differential Equations (1pm-3pm)
  • MA9: Vectors (Basic and Lines, Planes including 3D Geometry) (4pm- 6pm)

Date: 11th September 2014

  • MA10: Complex Numbers (Complex Algebra), Loci and Argand Diagram (10am-12pm)
  • MA11: Permutation, Combination, Probability (1pm-3pm)
  • MA12: Binomial, Poisson Distribution (Including Binomial to Poisson Approximations) (4pm-6pm)

Date: 12th September 2014

  • MA13: Normal Distribution (Including Normal Approximations and  Sampling/ Central Limit Theorem) (10am-12pm)
  • MA14: Hypothesis Testing (1pm-3pm)
  • MA15: Correlation and Regression (4pm-6pm)

Coached by ex-JC Tutor with 15 years teaching experience

Mr Sng is currently the JC Math Tutor of BrainMatter. He holds a Bachelor in Engineering from NUS, Masters in Engineering form NTU, Post Graduate Diploma in Education from NIE, with more than 15 years in teaching experience.

As passionate educator, Mr Sng has a great wealth of knowledge in Mathematics. He is currently co-authoring a JC Assessment book with Shing Lee. His fulfillment comes from seeing his students understand the concepts taught, being confident in Mathematics and excelling in the subject.

In every intensive session, you are going to receive:

  • 2-hour intensive coaching from Mr Sng who will cover every aspect of the math topic, from understanding the basic fundamentals to mastering every challenging question.
  • a complete summary of the math topic which is personally prepared by Mr Sng, based on his rich experience in teaching JC Math for the past 15 years.
  • a compilation of the latest examination questions from various Junior Colleges, so you are one step ahead of your peers in preparation for the finals.

Time & Duration: Timing of the session is based on the topic you choose. 2 hours for every session.

Course Fees: $100 for each session

Class Size: Each session requires a minimum of 2 students to start. To ensure maximum engagement and coaching to our students, each session is restricted to only 5 students.

Venue: Brain Matter Tuition Centre @ Block 120, Bishan Street 12, #01-69, Singapore 570120.

How to apply?

1. Fill up the application form below, and select your choice of math topics

2. Click send to confirm your application

3. We will contact you on the modes of payment. Your seat will only be confirmed once payment has been made. 

Application Ends: 5th September 2014.

Application Form for H2 Math Intensive Course

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