Do you want to ace your Pure Chemistry?

Do you want to score well in your Pure Chemistry without hardcore memorising of notes?

How about scoring high marks in your Pure Chemistry, even if chemistry is not your strongest science subject?

We know Pure Chemistry is not an easy subject. Students who are taking Pure Chemistry in Upper Secondary have proven to possess strong fundamentals and understanding in lower secondary science. However, it is a huge jump from lower secondary science to upper secondary Pure Chemistry.

Students struggle with Pure Chemistry (even if they are As students in lower secondary science) is because of the new chemistry concepts and theories introduced, and the failure to grasp them quick enough.

At BrainMatter, we believe anyone can do well in Pure Chemistry, if they can grasp the new concepts quickly, and posses the skills to solve any problems and challenges they encounter in the tests, exams, and practical experiments.

Chemical flasks and blackboard with formulas.

In our weekly Pure Chemistry Class, students can expect:

  • Experiencing real life examples and experiments to reinforce the understanding of Chemistry concepts (We will make Chemistry alive in the classroom!)
  • Great focus on equipping students with skills to tackle examination-based questions
  • Rigorous practice exercises to prepare them for different types of questions thrown at them in examination
  • Personal attention from MOE trained teacher to students who need assistance to excel in Pure Chemistry

Details of the class are as follow:

  • Date: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 7.30-9.30pm
  • Max number of students: 5

Brain Matter Tuition Centre

Block 120, Bishan Street 12, #01-69
Singapore 570120 (5 minutes walk from Bishan MRT Station)

MOE Trained Chemistry Tutor:

As a purposeful educator, Ms Chen constantly challenges herself to connect with her students meaningfully in her teaching subjects. She seeks to make the learning fun and relevant to her students by using creative methods and real life applications.

She is a highly dedicated teacher who often go the extra mile with her students. Under her tutelage and care, her students develop a keen sense of learning and thus excel in their academics.

How to apply?

We are limiting the Pure Chemistry class to only 5 students so as to ensure maximum engagement and coaching to our students.

Fill up the form to register and gain a head start in excelling Pure Chemistry!

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