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Discover How Your Child Can ACE His/Her Social Studies Paper And Pull Up The Overall Humanities Grade In Our Social Studies Intensive Revision Course

Conducted by a highly-qualified and experienced Social Studies teacher, this intensive course will allow your child to focus on the specific module he/she needs to score As in Social Studies. 

“The teacher’s explanation of the abstract concepts during the SS intensive course has helped me a lot. I used to be unsure of how to write and phrase my answers but she has helped me with the writing structure and thinking process.”
Elizabeth Ng, Sec 4, PLMGS

Is your child able to fully comprehend the scope of the new Social Studies syllabus?

Is your child confident in giving higher level answers and scoring the maximum marks for his/her source based questions in the exams?

Does your child have real world examples at your fingertips that he/she can use to support his/her points in the structured response questions?

Is your child able to discuss societal issues in Singapore such as the controversy over the reserved presidential elections and CPF policies with ease?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of the above questions, Brain Matter is holding a series of highly focused crash course in September that are designed to bring you up to speed in the shortest amount of time.

This course is suitable for both secondary 3 and 4 students.

We have conducted this Social Studies intensive revision course every year since 2013, and have helped hundreds of Sec 4 & 5 students score higher in their Social Studies, and pull up their overall Humanities Grade in O levels.

Below are just some of the results achieved by Brain Matter students in their O levels.


“A1 in Humanities”

“A2 in Humanities”


“A1 in Humanities”

Your child can achieve similar excellent results if he/she possesses the right techniques and skills to tackle the challenging questions.

Don’t wait any longer. Sign up your child for the intensive course below.

Your child can select the specific modules which he/she needs the most help in:

Module #1: Explaining Explanations

The goal of this workshop is self-explanatory in its title. But what makes an ‘explanation’ an explanation?

From observation, the reason for students not doing well in Social Studies is not due to their lack of content knowledge (although many do lack relevant, local examples to substantiate their points), but rather due to them not being able to complete the paper or writing ‘explanations’ that falter.

In this three hours workshop, participants will learn how to differentiate between explanations and descriptions and what are the elements that make some explanations better than others.

There will be a marking exercise where students will get to mark live scripts of students from other schools (with their identities withheld, of course!) and let them see things from the perspective of a marker.

They will also learn about two explanation styles that are not usually emphasized in schools, namely explanation of evidence and explanation through example.

The exam question types focused in this workshop are the assertion question for SBCS and the free response question for SRQ. If time permits, participants will also get to pick up some tips for the SRQ free response question. Is this synopsis a description or explanation of the workshop? If you are unsure of the answer, then you are the target audience for this workshop!


Module #2: Advanced Source Skills

Inference, Comparison and Reliability skills are the three fundamental source skills that must be mastered in Social Studies. Collectively, they are unofficially known as the basic skills.

This begs the question of what are advanced source skills, right?

This workshop is designed as a head start program where participants learn about the principles behind the advanced skills of assessing utility and surprise level of sources.

Additional principles of trustworthiness and sufficiency of information will be taught alongside advanced inference skills.

Due to the nature of this workshop, it is expected that participants who sign up for it already have a comfortable grasp of the skills mentioned in the first line (meaning the student should be consistently getting a maximum of -2 marks for those question types).


 Course Details:

 Date: Module #1 Explaining Explanations on 18th Nov(Sat) , Module #2 Advanced Source Skills on 19th Nov(Sun)
 Time: 9am-12pm
 Course Fees: $120 per module only (inclusive of all learning materials)
 Venue: Brain Matter Tuition Centre @ Block 120, Bishan Street 12, #01-69, Singapore 570120. (5mins walk from Bishan MRT)

How To Register? 

We are limiting the Intensive Revision Course to only 6 students per class so as to ensure maximum engagement and coaching to our students.

Registration will close on 1st Nov or earlier when all places are taken up. Your seat is only confirmed upon payment.

Fill up the form below and we will contact you to confirm your slot.


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