Specially For Upper Secondary Students…

Discover How Your Child Can Prepare Himself/Herself to ACE Geography  in 2022!

Conducted by a highly-qualified and experienced Geography teacher, Mr Alvin Tan, these preparatory workshops will equip your child the skills to score As in Geography!

“Mr Alvin teaches in a way that prioritizes understanding over rote-learning. His lessons are engaging and have helped me understand and remember the content more effectively and efficiently. With his help, my result has improved from C to A! ”
Andrew Wong, Sec 4, ACS(Barker)

“Mr Alvin’s explanations make complicated concepts simple. He breaks down a large topic into different clearer sub-components that help me to score my As in Geography!”
John Lim, Sec 4, New Town Secondary School

Is your child just embarking on Secondary 3 Geography? Heard from their seniors that the content for Geography can be quite heavy and the subject can be a lot tougher in Upper Secondary as compared to Lower Secondary? Fret not! Sign your child up for our workshops to get a leg up in 2022!


Is your child taking the O levels next year and worried about how he/she will do for Humanities? Is Geography the component that he/she struggle with? Fret not! Sign your child up for our workshops to get a leg up in 2022.

Our workshops will break down the entire O levels GE syllabus in a quick and easy to understand mindmap so your child will know what he/she is up against at a glance. The tutor, who is a highly experienced Subject Head for Geography will also bring your child through question answering techniques and formulae to help him/her score that A for geography.

Module #1: Physical Geography(Elective)- Plate Tectonics & Weather

  • 17th Jun (Fri), 1-3PM
  • Suitable for Sec 3E, 3NA, 4E, 4NA and 5NA GE Elective Students
  • Fees: $90 (inclusive of all learning materials)

Module #3: Physical Geography(Pure)- Plate Tectonics, Weather & Coast

  • 18th Jun (Sat), 1-4PM
  • Suitable for Sec  3E and 4E Pure GE Students
  • Fees: $130 (inclusive of all learning materials)

Module #4: Human Geography(Pure)- Tourism, Geog of Food & Geog of Health

  • 20th Jun (Mon), 1-4PM
  • Suitable for Sec 4E Pure GE Students
  • Fees: $130 (inclusive of all learning materials)

Module #7: Exam Skills Booster for GI Questions (Pure Geog)

  • 24th Jun (Fri), 1-3PM
  • Suitable for Sec 3E and 4E Pure GE Students
  • Fees: $90 (inclusive of all learning materials)

Course Details:

Venue: Blk 501 Bishan St 11 #01-364 S570501 Next to UOB

About the Teacher

Mr Alvin Tan
(Secondary Social Studies, Geography)

  • MOE Scholar, 2009
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) – Double/Joint Degree Program for Liberal Arts
  • Double Degree with Honours for Geography (specialisation in Medical Geography) conferred by National University of Singapore (NUS) and University of North Carolina (UNC; Public Ivy League University in USA)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education, NIE
  • More than 6 years of teaching experience in MOE schools

Mr Alvin Tan was a subject head for Humanities and have managed the Geography curriculum and programs for many secondary schools. He believes that doing well in Humanities goes beyond route learning and memorization and teaches in a fashion that makes geography fun, applicable to daily life and easily understood. His lessons are always accompanied by comprehensive notes that goes beyond the textbook to give his students the edge over others in national exams. Under his guidance, batches of students have graduated with distinction for their Humanities and Pure Geography. In 2018, Mr Alvin was also awarded the Caring Teacher Award organised by NIE.

How To Register? 

We are limiting the Intensive Revision Course to only 6 students per class so as to ensure maximum engagement and coaching to our students.

Registration will close on 5th June 2022 or earlier when all places are taken up. Your seat is only confirmed upon payment.

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