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Language Arts Classes

Our Language Arts for IP/IB classes are taught with a strong emphasis on literary devices used in Literature-based questions. Using students’ set texts, personalized guidance is provided to help students understand their text in greater depth.

Unseen prose and poem will also be one of the main aspects of our Language Arts classes. During our classes, skill-sets on how to score well in the individual components will be taught.Unseen prose and poem will also be one of the main aspects of our Language Arts classes. During our classes, skill-sets on how to score well in the individual components will be taught.

If your child has doubts or difficulties regarding the Language Arts Paper, Brain Matter can provide an experienced English and Literature teacher who can guide and motivate him/her to maximize their pIf your child has doubts otential in managing this paper.

Our teachers are all MOE- trained, with English and Literature as their teaching subjects. Hence, they are highly familiar with examination questions that have a strong focus on literary skills and are able to impart answering techniques to our students.

Areas of Focus

In our language arts classes, the teacher will focus on major areas:

1) Comprehension: Emphasis on

a) handling basic and inferential questions via contextual clues and writer’s craft
b) identifying genres, topics and issues in passages and exploring how these are introduced
c) explaining literary devices used and their roles
d) introducing and familiarizing with summary writing
e) understanding and evaluating writer’s points of view

2) Composition: Emphasis on

a) free writing and creative writing
b) features of formal and report writing

3) Critical Commentary: Emphasis on

a) literary features and genres
b) written critical commentary writing using PEEL

4) Reading: Emphasis on

a) writing book reviews
b) introducing suitable texts to further strengthen understanding of reading

Continuous guidance from area 1 to 3 would aid students to improve their LA grades and prepare them for their General Paper that will be taken in JC.

Frequency & Duration

Once a week, 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be teaching the Class?

Mrs Lee will be teaching our English, Language Arts and GP classes. With a strong Literature background from her academic qualifications and MOE school experience, she is an expert in this field of English and Language. She has taught from a wide range of literature text and earns a track record of helping her students achieve distinctions.

What materials do you use?

For students in our Language Arts classes, Brain Matter has a range of practice questions from different IP/IB schools. This is possible with our connections with the teachers and students from those schools.

We understand that the testing in IP/IB schools is more vigorous and thus, our materials from other IP/IB schools will benefit our IP/IB students greatly.

How do I sign up for the tuition classes?

You can contact us here or give us a call at 97911234 to find out about the class schedule and fees.

Start Scoring A's with Brain Matter

To celebrate the upcoming CNY, we are offering FREE trial classes(usually priced from $37.50-$80 per class) for some of our classes from 1 Feb to 20 Feb.

Some of the classes that are offered include:

Lower Primary- English, Creative Writing, Math 

Upper Primary- English, Creative Writing, Science

Lower Sec- English, Science

Upper Sec- English, Chinese, Science, Social Studies


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